We are a group of people who have experienced our fair share of health detoriation and illness. Through much research and tryout to restore our health we have discovered and even designed ourselves some very good home-therapies to regain and maintain health.

For several of us the search for health started when the news about the dental mercury scandal became known, arround the year 1990. Most of us had severe chronic mercury poisoning and went through many therapies in order to get a healthy life back… Such as detox and restore programs with chlorophyl, homeopathie, phytotherapy, bio-resonanse, acupuncture, orthomoleculair therapy, kinesiology, oral chelation and chelation IV’s. ozone therapy, etc..

Some of these therapies worked very well and gave our health an uplift, some were not so effective in restoring our health.

It took for most of us quite some years to get our health back to a satisfying degree… Then from year 2000 onwards came Lyme Disease into our community. A very sophisticated bioweapon from US Plum Island lab. The good thing about bad situations is.. that when you don’t give up YOU WILL FIND ANSWERS to every question you ask.. And every setback creates its own opportunities.

So we have painstakenly researched many more therapies the last 20 years and have focussed on powerful therapies that one can do at home in order to make real progress without high costs.

See above this page the list of therapies we are using on ourselves at home to heal.

We hope these pages will give you at least information that starts to make you curious in giving some of these therapies in try, either at your home or with a therapist. So that you can experience if they work for you as well as they do for us, as described in these pages.